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Announcing Andrew David Johnson

Born May 6, 2008 @ 5:31pm CST
8 lbs. 1 oz., 21 inches long, 14″ head circumference, 13″ chest


Kitty hugs the baby belly goodbye

Kitty hugs the baby belly

Vladimir gives my belly one last hug before I go into the hospital for an induction.

Wish me luck that by this time tomorrow I have a baby instead of a belly.


This morning...

...all quiet on the southern front. Not even a hint of contractions, and baby is relaxed.

I was wondering this morning if maybe I should have stayed at the hospital and let them start the induction, because I really don't know if anything is going to happen in 4 more days if I've been having contractions for 2 weeks now that have only pulled my cervix open 1cm. But then I thought - well, that's not the point. The point is that I won't have to look back and wonder if that's what I SHOULD have at least tried - no matter if my cervix doesn't budge between now and then.

So, for that minor victory at least, I feel a little less defeated.

Beyond that, I'm really trying to stay positive - I'm trying to tell myself that hey, at least my cervix IS at 1cm and a little soft, and 30% effaced - that's better than nothing. It's really hard though, because all I've ever read about is that most 1st time moms' cervixes dilate to 2-3cm a couple of weeks BEFORE their due date - which makes me feel like a failure.

But at least by going to the hospital last night I got this sweet elastic belly band that keeps me tucked in and feels sooooo good right now.

So - I'm going to go venture out into the rain and go to work for a bit (or at least make an appearance) and go shopping - and TRY to get on with a normal life to get my mind off everything baby.


False Alarm...


Just sitting here waiting....

So yesterday, I made a concerted effort to down 96oz. of water - I got one Nalgene bottle down by 10 a.m. I got the second down by 3 p.m. and the third by about 8 p.m. I was running to the bathroom ALL DAY LONG, but you know what? I think it got rid of my Pre-labor contractions. I haven't felt much, if anything except the baby moving around since yesterday afternoon, and maybe only a couple twinges last night and today (although I still have some back pain). Today's agenda consists of the following -

Take a 1-2 hour nap
Drink 2 more Nalgene bottles of water
Do some work
Schedule some To-Dos
Luv the desperate, needy kitty boy (who just jumped on me)
figure out something for lunch and supper
go for a walk

and overall, just generally forgetting about this whole I'm huge-mongous and want this kid out NOW situation I'm in. And the fact that my baby is probably going to have a May birthday, instead of sharing their birth-month with me, like I had hoped. :(



Before I forget, I've been thinking alot about how lucky I am and how grateful I am for the support and help I've had for the past few months from family and friends.

tanuki_lyn, I was skeptical at first, but you were right. That Palmer's Body Lotion is awesome. It's come in handy since I've been showering every day and been needing to replenish my skin's moisture - especially those itchy stretch marks. And it doesn't have an irritating scent. Thanks, man. And I am so looking forward to using those swaddling muslin blankets - they are going to be so handy this summer. ^_^

Mom, thank you so much for this exercise ball - I've been sitting on it every day, and it's the only seat in the house that doesn't make my ass sore right away, including the comfy bed and the recliner.

And Mom, thank you so much also for coming up and pampering me and helping out for a few days early this month. I feel so much more relaxed now that we have a few things arranged and have some food stocked in the freezer - I wouldn't have gotten motivated enough myself to get that stuff done.

My sister-in-laws/brother-in-laws - thank you so much for all the cute clothing and toys, they are so very appreciated and will be put to good use (after use, after use, afte ruse...) and are definitely coming back atcha when you need them *wink*, and thank you Jamie for the maternity clothes - I don't know what I would have done without those Old Navy maternity pants - especially for the past month - WOW.

My mother-in-law - who stocked us up with baby clothes to last for the next year, not to mention a bassinet, bouncer, and pack-n-play - I feel really ready to go at least for the first few months thanks to you.

My co-workers and their S.O.s who threw me a surprise Baby Shower - Wow - you guys are awesome. I really feel like a valuable player on the "team", and will put all those presents to good use as well.


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