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6 April
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I grew up in rural Minnesota & 3 things I can't remember being without are - a deep & abiding love of animals, an insatiable desire to learn, & an equally insatiable desire to put marks on paper (& other readily accessible surfaces!). Read More»

Me & my (white) Shaaaaaaadow! :)


Vlad and I

Big Baby Kitty Cat Vlad


I create beautiful, inspirational artworks to
enrich your quality of life.


Drawing upon my experiences & passion, I reach out & Connect with people, using both my illustrative & fine arts backgrounds to bridge the gap between an intangible idea & a creative visual statement.

Whether my goal is to preserve a Precious Memory
in unique form or to present an invigorating, fresh look on an everyday object, I strive to make my artwork a Bright Celebration of Life.

If you have an Idea, I have the talent & training to bring it to Life.

I invite you to Whisper Your Idea In My Ear.

My Blog

I invite you to Discover even more & Participate in my artistic life by visiting my Blog - An
Artistic Journey towards Enlightenment

An Artistic Journey Towards Enlightenment

It's a visual diary offering Art News Information for fellow Artists Art Collectors, as well as a personal peek into my artmaking process with musings, photos & videos. Join the Journey!


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Tell Your Friends

Tell your friends about me, and tell them to mention your name when they place an order with me. When they do, I'll send you a Discount Coupon for 10% off your next purchase from my
Online Shop

It's just a small way for me to express my appreciation for helping me connect with and enhance the lives of other art-lovers.

Would you like to see a specific type of animal or even your pet as interpreted by my artistic hand? Please feel free to email me or check out my website
for more information

Copyrights I appreciate your respect for my ownership of my work & my copyrights. Artwork is ©2005 Cassondra Sweep except where otherwise noted & may not be printed, re-distributed, modified, imitated or posted elsewhere in any way without written authorization. Thank you!

Questions? I would be happy to answer ANY questions - please E-mail me.Thank You!

THANK YOU for Supporting Living Artists!

No, I don't mind if you Friend Me, in fact, I would love it! ^_^ (Just make sure your connection can handle an image or two for almost every post I make.) Please understand, however, that I have a very long list of people who watch my journal, and I can't friend each and every person back, because I don't have enough time to give everyone the personal attention they deserve. I'm very sorry, and please don't take it personally, I just need to spend time painting instead of commenting on people's journals, or my own journal would be pretty empty.

And if you want to see more frequent posts by me, it's probably because I'm busy posting over in my other Blog.

Thank you so much for your understanding, and welcome! ^_^

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